Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friends!!! We Need all Your Help to Save our Friend's Life

Thanks for your generous support to Mr.Senthilnathan.Thanks for all the Helping Hands, God Bless you.

Latest Health Update -

Today(August 27th) Senthilnathan had surgery to fix VAD in his heart. It was started at 8 AM (singapore time) and Successfully completed at 3:30 PM. Senthil is recovering slowly and will be there in ICU for 2 to 3 days.

Thanks for all your prayers and Support

As per doctor advised, he needs to be hospitalized for around 2 months (until the VAD stable to function properly) then he will be futher evaluated by the doctor. . VAD is the stage 1 and heart transplantation is stage 2 of his treatment. With blessings from all the good hearts, he is at this stage of his treatment.

Now we all need to pray for him for speedy recovery.

PS: Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) is a mechanical pump that helps a weakened heart pump blood throughout the body. It is used as a "bridge-to-transplant" for those whose medical therapy has failed and are hospitalized with end-stage systolic heart failure."

Hello Friends,

We have Created this Blog to reach you all requesting to help our College Friend Senthil Nathan. He is a Software Engineer in Singapore who has now got admitted in the Singapore General Hospital for his present serious heart condition in the National Heart center.

He is suffering from IDCM. His heart needs to be transplanted asap. To make him live up to getting the correct donor heart he has to get implanted with VAD(ventricular assist device). At this moment he cannot travel to India to get any treatments over there. Here doctors estimate about 100,000 SGD (INR approx 33 Lakhs/USD 69,304.87). All his savings have been used up for his present frequent admissions in to the hospital and his previous pacemaker and CRTD etc. He was diagnosed with this heart problem on 2005 and from that time he is on medications.

He has a little girl about 5 years old who is waiting for her dad to return home soon & tell her bedtime stories. His wife Santhi who went through unexplainable sufferings from this condition is now seeking all our help. So please Join hands to help her save her husband, family & future.

We request you all to join your helping hands with us to help a family in need. Each dollar of your donation counts to help our friend's life.

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